WWho should get Envato Elements?

At its core, Envato Elements caters to creative types, especially if you’re on a tighter budget. It’s a great all-in-one solution that has allowed me to cancel several other services and, this way, even save some money. Envato Elements is best for:

  • Graphic designers: Over 8.1 million stock photos, top-tier Photoshop actions, and add-ons put Envato squarely in the favorites for designers and creatives. If you need mockups, tap into Placeit, the colossal mockup library, at just $7.47/month for limitless downloads.
  • Developers & coders: Envato doesn’t skimp on WordPress themes (a robust collection of 1,600+), plugins (760), and template kits (2,500). Both design and code aficionados will appreciate the expansive font collection (20,000) suitable for both web and design. Need icons for apps? They’ve got you covered.
  • Film & video gurus: Unlimited downloads are a filmmaker’s dream, especially with an arsenal of After Effects, sound effects, Premiere Pro templates, and stock footage at your fingertips.
  • The DIY squad: For the freelancers, the entrepreneurs, and everyone in between, Envato Elements is a goldmine. From crafting logos and social media visuals to whipping up promo videos and designing product packaging, it’s a comprehensive toolkit.
  • How much does Envato Elements cost?
  • Envato Elements structures its pricing under two main categories: Individual and Teams. Individual subscribers can opt for annual or monthly plans at $16.50 and $39.00 per month, respectively (excluding local taxes). Team subscriptions start at $10.75 per member per month, with subsequent discounts scaling up for each additional member, boasting up to 35% savings. Students have a sweeter deal with an added 30% off, bringing their monthly costs down to $11.50.
  • Envato Elements subscription tiers:
  • Individual: $39.00/month or $16.50/month (annual)
  • Students: $33.00/month or $11.50/month (annual)
  • Teams (2–5 members): $58.00–$107.50/month or $29.00–$53.75/month (annual)
  • Opting for the paid plan grants you unlimited access to all Envato Elements’ assets; nothing is held back. An active plan also guarantees legal coverage equivalent to your last half-year of subscription payments. The license covers commercial usage, making it ideal for design and video professionals.
  • When pitted against competitors, similar platforms with matching prices fall short in content breadth. Take Artlist, for instance: while they offer a range of packages, from Max Social ($30/month) to Enterprise (custom pricing), they don’t quite match up to Envato’s expansive collection, even if they provide up to 8K video resolutions not present in Envato.
  • Cancellation: Envato Elements allows for subscription cancellation at any time. However, refunds aren’t part of the deal. For instance, if you revoke a monthly subscription with more than 24 days left, you retain access for those days. But once this period lapses, your access to Envato’s library will be cut off. It’s critical to note that no refunds are given for any remaining part of the subscription after cancellation.
  • Upgrading: Upgrading from a monthly to an annual subscription? Your costs will be adjusted considering the days left on your current plan. Let’s break it down: Suppose you’re 10 days into a monthly subscription priced at $39.00. Wanting to upgrade to the annual plan costing $198 per year (or $16.50/month), you’d be charged for the remaining 20 days of your monthly fee, translating to a prorated cost of $171.67 for the annual upgrade.

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