Creative Fabrica is a marketplace where creatives can buy digital assets made by other creatives.

Creative Fabrica is ideal for print on demand sellers who want to:

  • Get high-quality graphics to use in your own designs
  • Get readymade designs that you can use as is (POD License included)
  • Use AI tools (CF Spark) that are included for no additional cost.

You can buy individual items or sign up for their unlimited all-access subscription.


You can buy individual assets or sign up to their all-access unlimited subscription.

You can sign up to sell digital assets (graphics, fonts etc) you have created and earn commission for each sale.


Creative Fabrica offers a number of different monthly subscription options when it comes to paying for the service.

You can buy individual items at a one-off price. This is great if you literally only want to download a couple of things a month. Any more than that, then it’s worth considering one of the other plans on offer.

There is a Creative Fabrica free option where all you have to do is create a Creative Fabrica account and you get to download items that they release for free download. This is a good way to test the service however the free stuff is limited.