WWhat is Waalaxy and who uses it?

Waalaxy is a tool for automating prospecting, available as a Google Chrome extension. It streamlines lead generation and campaign creation on LinkedIn, automating prospecting sequences and saving time on email and LinkedIn outreach. 

Waalaxy homepage
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It assists you by optimizing different tools and implementing them to give you the best conversion rates possible. 

So what are they?

This includes highly personalized messages, automated sequences, email prospecting, and more. Let’s do a review of the features Waalaxy offers.

Waalaxy ICP: For whom is this platform built for?

Waalaxy is built for businesses of all sizes that want to automate their cold outreach on LinkedIn and by email. It can be a great option for sales teams, marketing teams, and anyone wanting to reach more leads and close more deals.

Here are some of the people who would use the platform:

  • Sales representatives: By automating outreach on LinkedIn, it aids B2B sales reps in saving time and expanding their lead reach.
  • Marketing departments: It assists marketing teams in discovering qualified leads and guiding them through the sales journey.
  • Entrepreneurs: Business owners can leverage it to extend their reach to potential customers and foster business growth.

While it caters to diverse needs, it’s especially beneficial if you belong to one of these three categories.

In the next section, we will review some of the top features offered by Waalaxy and that are appreciated by its customers.

Top 4 Features of Waalaxy

In this section, we’ll cover the features offered by Waalaxy. While learning about its top four features, we delve into how Waalaxy can enhance your lead generation efforts, streamline your outreach campaigns, and provide you with a competitive edge in the world of B2B networking.

  1. Email Finding
  2. Multichannel prospecting
  3. Cold Emailing
  4. LinkedIn Messaging

Also, you can keep an eye for Waalaxy is launching a new AI Prospecting Finder feature.

Email Finding

Waalaxy’s Email Finder feature proves valuable when LinkedIn’s daily action limits hinder your campaign progress. 

Integrated with DropContact, this tool locates prospect emails and offers verified addresses. It transforms it into an email prospecting solution.

Waalaxy homepage
Source: Waalaxy

It helps enrich your LinkedIn as you pitch your prospects on multiple fronts!

This brings us to the next two features of multichannel prospecting.

LinkedIn prospecting

What makes Waalaxy one of the best automation tools out there?

This platform goes beyond email acquisition as it automates your LinkedIn activity. It imports and auto-invites prospects, with a 500-people-per-week limit imposed by LinkedIn. 

Beyond this, it provides automatic follow-ups and comprehensive web flow-based LinkedIn automation.

You can generate any number of campaigns that you want using Waalaxy. Speaking of campaigns , let’s learn how we can 

Cold Emailing

Automate prospecting with Waalaxy! Contact leads effortlessly through email and LinkedIn.

Say goodbye to the spam folder as Waalaxy visits profiles, gathers emails, and executes tailored campaigns. 

Source: Waalaxy

Also, analyze campaigns on the Dashboard, focusing on vital KPIs. A/B testing lets you compare multiple campaigns, optimizing your business strategy.

I’d also like to add and introduce a fresh addition to the platform: LinkedIn Messaging.

LinkedIn Messaging

Looking for a cooler way to chat on LinkedIn? Enter Waalaxy’s LinkedIn Messaging feature! It’s like LinkedIn messaging, but with boosters. Check it out:

What’s Inside:

  • Ready-to-Go Replies: They’ve got pre-saved replies for that!
  • Auto Follow-Ups: Set reminders for future chats. 
  • Tag ‘Em All: Slap on tags to keep things organized. 
  • CRM Magic: Export stuff to your CRM. 
  • Friendly Support: Got questions? Chat us up! They give you 6 days a week.

How it Rolls:

  • Automate: Make your messages dance with automatic reminders, synced with other apps.
  • Personalize: Add that personal touch with custom tags, notes, and variables.
  • Swift Replies: Zap out speedy replies with pre-saved messages and quick keys.

How much the Inbox costs:

Users have been vibing with Waalaxy’s LinkedIn Messaging. It’s quick, efficient, and turbocharges their LinkedIn convos. And guess what? The plan starts at €20/month.

Waalaxy pricing
Source: Waalaxy

Get free leads for 14 days

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Stop relying on personal connections to get more customers

Start generating high-quality leads in next 60 mins
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What are the shortcomings of the platform?

The platform has often faced criticism from users on the following basis:

  1. Glitchy Interface
  2. No Inbox Management System

Alright, let’s shift gears and talk about safety. Safety is something that’s on everyone’s mind when it comes to using any tool online. How secure is the platform? We’ll find out in the next section of the Waalaxy review.

How safe is Waalaxy?

Waalaxy is a Chrome browser application. Knowing about the automation tools market is a major red flag.

Customer review of waalaxy
Source: G2


Automation tools using the Chrome browser or any other browser are called Chrome-based extensions. These applications make sure to bombard your account and get it banned.

Customer review of waalaxy
Source: G2

It is not a suitable method of lead generation.

Another issue is that the user must always have their computer or device on to manage and conduct automated actions, unlike the ones that use a cloud-based server where such a thing is not required.

Source: Waalaxy

Waalaxy took note of this and integrated its Cloud.

This not only smoothens the workflow but also allows the platform to stand toe-to-toe with other automation tools in the market.

You can use the platform’s cloud to operate your campaign and make money without lifting a finger.

Waalaxy cloud is not present under the free plan. You need to be a paid user (not the free version) if you want to operate using the platform cloud feature.

Safety always remains in question when using a Chrome based extension, no matter what any user or company says about the software.

If you wish to read more about how safe the platform is? You can read this article.

Waalaxy Integration with CRMs

Waalaxy can be integrated with other CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) to help you manage your leads and sales more effectively. 

This integration allows you to automatically sync data between the platform and your CRM, such as contact details, company information, and notes. 

It can save you a lot of time and effort and help you keep your CRM up-to-date with the latest information about your leads.

To integrate the platform with your CRM, you will need to create a Zapier or Make (formerly Integromat) integration. 

Zapier and Make are online automation tools that allow you to connect different apps and services together. Once you have created the integration, you must select the platform and your CRM as the two apps you want to connect.

Waalaxy supports a wide range of CRMs, including:

  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Pipedrive
  • Zoho CRM
  • Axonaut
  • NoCRM.io
  • Airtable
  • Brevo (ex-Sendinblue)
  • Sellsy

Once you have connected Waalaxy and your CRM, you can start to sync data between the two platforms. You can choose to sync all of your data, or you can select specific fields to sync. For example, you might want to sync contact details, company information, and notes.

It also allows you to create custom rules for syncing data. For example, you might want to only sync leads who have a certain job title or who work for a certain company.

Their CRM integration is a powerful tool that can help you save time and effort, and it can help you keep your CRM up-to-date with the latest information about your leads. 

Now, let’s explore the platform’s affiliate program for marketers.

Waalaxy Affiliate Program: How does it work?

Are you curious about turning your influence into something more? Let’s take a peek at the Waalaxy Affiliate Program! 

As a Waalaxy Ambassador, you get to be part of the action. Their multichannel prospecting tool could have you making up to 50% of what your affiliates pay.

So, what’s the deal?

Here’s the lowdown on why you might want to consider it:

  • Everything in One Place: You’re in control. You can track how things are going, see how your custom links are doing, and try out different things to see what works.
  • Earnings in Your Pocket: You get a piece of the pie every time your affiliates pay Whether they’re getting a subscription, add-on, or extra seat. 
  • No Fuss Connections: Reaching out to your affiliates? Super simple. You can send them invites by email, chat in it, and even spread the word on other platforms.
  • Get Your Money Faster: We don’t like to make you wait. You’ll see your commissions within 15 working days.

Pick What Fits You:

  1. 50% Commission + 1 Month Free Trial: Get a little more from each payment.
  2. 30% Commission + 20% Promo Code: Help your affiliates save some cash.
  3. 30% Commission + 2-Month Free Trial: Give your affiliates extra time to explore the platform.

Who’s This For?

  • Influencers
  • Sales Whizzes
  • Students
  • Anyone Else: Need a bit more in your pocket? It’s worth a shot.

Talking about the costs, you’ll find all the details in the upcoming section of our Waalaxy review.

What are the Pricing Plans of Waalaxy?

Our Waalaxy review includes an in-depth look at the available pricing options. It currently provides 3 pricing plans for the user to choose from.

The pricing plans are as follows:

  1. Free trial to Free plan – €0 per month
  2. Advanced Plan – €80 per month
  3. Business Plan – €120 per month

The Free Version of the platform only lasts 1 week to allow users to try the basic structure of the application. (No credit card required)

The pricing per plan per month also changes if billed annually or quarterly, providing a major discount on each plan.

There is no credit card required for the free trial period, but it is required when that period ends if you want to continue using the application.

Waalaxy Pricing
Source: Waalaxy

Comparing the pricing plans of Waalaxy

Price comparision waalaxy

As per our Waalaxy review insights, users can choose from different plans depending on their requirements. Moving on to the section for user reviews. 

Waalaxy Users Review

Here’s a roundup of user reviews for Waalaxy, covering major review websites. This will give you a well-rounded view of both the positive and negative sides.

As for the rating, it is rated 4.8 out of 5 on G2. And Capterra rates it 4.5 out of 5.

Positive Waalaxy Reviews

Our Waalaxy review showcases the tool’s effectiveness through the words of those who have experienced it. Here are some highlights of what users appreciated about the tool:

  • Effective Multichannel Outreach: Users value Waalaxy’s integrated email and LinkedIn outreach, leading to better engagement and higher response rates.
Customer Review of Waalaxy
Source: G2
  • Intuitive Interface: The tool’s user-friendly design and guides make campaign setup and navigation easy. It does take a bit getting used to. 
Customer Review of Waalaxy
Source: G2
  • Good Automation: It has good automation features, customizable sequences, and task automation streamline prospecting tasks.
  • Team Collaboration: It also has some good team collaboration tools to enhance communication and track progress.
  • Responsive Customer Support: The platform offers attentive and knowledgeable customer support.

Reviewers have repeatedly mentioned these features, demonstrating their popularity and effectiveness in streamlining the lead generation and outreach process for its users.

In this comprehensive Waalaxy review, we’ve delved into the various aspects of this platform. 

Customer Review of Waalaxy
Source: G2

Now, let’s shift our focus and examine some of the potential drawbacks that might impact your overall experience with the platform. Having a balanced perspective is important, so let’s dive into its cons.

Negative User Reviews

Taking a candid look at Waalaxy, it’s clear that while it boasts impressive capabilities, it’s not immune to a few growing pains. The user community seems to be raising some common concerns that are worth considering before diving in.

While some users were more understanding towards their team and others were not so kind.

  • Interface Bugs: Users reported glitches during plan changes. Automation can also malfunction.
  • LinkedIn Scrutiny: Automation might trigger LinkedIn’s attention, causing warnings or account issues.
Customer Review of Waalaxy
Source: G2
  • Chrome Extension Reliance: Waalaxy heavily relies on Chrome, impacting campaigns if Chrome faces issues.
Customer Review of Waalaxy
Source: G2
  • Missing Inbox Management: No built-in inbox management for LinkedIn conversations within the tool.
  • Limited Personalization: Users find personalization options somewhat restricted.
Customer Review of Waalaxy
Source: G2
  • Filter Challenges: Users have found the search abilities very limited, no activity filtering or reporting options.
Customer Review of Waalaxy
Source: G2
  • LinkedIn Profile Dependency: Waalaxy’s functionality is closely tied to LinkedIn profiles, which could limit account switching and team collaboration.

Considering these points can provide a balanced perspective on its functionalities and areas for improvement. While these aspects are worth noting, it’s important to assess them within the context of your specific outreach goals and operational requirements.

While Waalaxy has its share of drawbacks, there’s a solution that can help overcome these weaknesses and enhance your prospecting efforts. 

Enter Salesrobot, a complementary tool that addresses some of the limitations of Waalaxy. Let’s take a closer look at how Salesrobot steps in to bridge the gaps and provide a more comprehensive prospecting experience.

Waalaxy #1 Alternative for Personalized LinkedIn Prospecting: Salesrobot

Salesrobot is a LinkedIn and email automation tool. Our outreach tool is also fairly judged on the grounds of its features and cons alike.

Salesrobot homepage

But let’s first answer the burning question. How is Salesrobot better than Waalaxy?

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Glitchy Interface? No More!
  •  Tired of apps acting up? Salesrobot’s got your back. 
  • Our smooth and user-friendly interface ensures zero glitches during upgrades or feature use. No more tech tantrums, just a seamless experience.
  • Outsmarting LinkedIn’s Eye
  • Salesrobot’s clever automation helps you bypass LinkedIn limits.
  • Our algorithms follow the rules, minimizing those pesky warnings or account timeouts. You’re safe and sound.
  • Cloud-based all the way
  • Chrome acting up? We’ve moved on. Salesrobot thrives in the cloud. 
  • Say goodbye to browser hiccups impacting your campaigns. It’s like butter-smooth prospecting, no matter where you are.
  • Smart Inbox
  • Our built-in inbox management means you’re in control. 
  • No more tab-hopping – chat, connect, and close deals all in one place.
  • Generic messages? Not on our watch. 
  • You can make use of the sequential features and customize your outreach according to your prospects and brand. 
  • Advanced team options
  • Running an agency? Salesrobot’s a team player. 
  • With multiple admin power, teamwork flows seamlessly. Say goodbye to workflow puzzles – collaborate, conquer, and deliver for your clients.

But these features are not just all. Try Salesrobot for 14-days for free and find out for yourself. Talking about the trial, we have three pricing plans; let’s check them out. 

Salesrobot Pricing Plans

Here’s an overview of Salesrobot’s three pricing plans:

  1. The Do-It-Yourself Plan – $99/month/account 
  1. 1 LinkedIn and 1 email account.
  2. Import from various sources.
  3. Reach 500 prospects per month.
  4. Smart inbox for follow-ups.
  5. Zapier integration.
  6. Insights into customer preferences.
  7. The We’ll-Do-It-For-You Plan – $397/month 
  1. Identify dream customers.
  2. Outreach to 500 prospects monthly.
  3. Fortnightly calls for optimization.
  4. Access to client dashboard.
  5. CRM integration via Zapier.
  6. The We’ll-Do-It-All-For-You Plan – $497/month 
  1. Enhance LinkedIn profile.
  2. Create LinkedIn posts and comments.
  3. Outreach to 500 prospects monthly.
  4. Trained sales team follows up.
  5. Weekly calls for optimization.
  6. Access to client dashboard.
  7. CRM integration via Zapier.
salesrobot pricing

Choose your plan and enhance your LinkedIn journey with Salesrobot at a whopping 50% annual payment discount on every plan!

Considering Salesrobot’s pricing plans and robust features, it’s clear that the platform provides a competitive solution for optimizing your LinkedIn outreach efforts. 

In contrast, reflecting on Waalaxy’s capabilities and user reviews, it’s apparent that it also presents a strong contender in LinkedIn automation. 

With these insights, let’s wrap up our Waalaxy review by summarizing its overall performance and potential to empower your prospecting efforts.

Waalaxy Review Conclusion: Should you use it for Cold Outreach?

So, is Waalaxy the best tool for your cold outreach? It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re on a budget and just need a basic lead generation tool, then Waalaxy might be a good option. But if you’re looking for a more versatile tool, then I would recommend Salesrobot.

Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons of each tool:


  • Pros: Affordable, easy to use, good for lead generation
  • Cons: Limited features, not as effective for multi-channel outreach


  • Pros: Versatile, better personalization, effective for multi-channel outreach
  • Cons: Slightly expensive, focuses more on LinkedIn

Ultimately, the best tool for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. If you’re not sure which tool is right for you, I recommend trying out both Waalaxy and Salesrobot for free and seeing which one you prefer.

Here are some additional thoughts on Waalaxy and Salesrobot:

  • Waalaxy is a great option for sales representatives or BDAs who are looking for a budget-friendly way to generate leads
  • It’s easy to use and has a wide range of features, including lead generation, email outreach, and LinkedIn automation. 
  • However, Waalaxy is not as effective for multi-channel outreach as Salesrobot.
  • Salesrobot is a more powerful and versatile tool than Waalaxy. It can be used for a variety of outreach channels, including email and LinkedIn. 
  • Salesrobot is also more effective at personalizing outreach messages, which can lead to higher response rates. 
  • However, Salesrobot is more expensive than Waalaxy and can be more difficult to use.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option for lead generation, then Waalaxy is a good choice. However, if you’re looking for a more powerful tool that can help you with multi-channel outreach, then I would recommend Salesrobot.

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